105 Hz Gin - world's first Argan distilled Gin

€ 48,00

105 Hz Gin

Our Gin embodies the audacity of a country, Morocco, and the history of Tarfaya and its most enigmatic natural phenomena: the Song of the Dunes.

In the mystical Sahara Desert, there is a presistent sound, this very same audible low-frequency, 105 Hz, that has been whistling to layers and layers of history.

Our brand is a tribute to the sleeping power and the legends of the desert.

The sound of the Singing Sand Dunes

This is the sound of the British explorers settling in Tarfaya in 1832. 

This is the sound of the pioneering Aéropostale and its bravery (where Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was station manger once).

Tis is the sound of rebellion and pride

This is our Gin

105 Hz the first handcrafted Argan Distilled Gin.

70 cl 40% vol